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Humidity Measuring Sling

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Humidity Measuring Sling

"What the Be Jesus is that contraption!" I hear you, my brother. This sucka is one of the best ways to calibrate your hygrometer short of having a high tech German lab in your backyard. The device has two thermometers and a handle that spins. You put some water on one of the thermometer's that has a cloth sleeve on it. Then, you spin it around your head like you're trying to be a helicopter. You record (write down) both readings on each thermometer. I do this 3-5 times. For me the first spin is a warm up and I do 3-4 after it. Then, you average those readings. After that, you look at a graph that has readings for the wet thermometer and the dry. This will correspond to the respective humidity. You then adjust your hygrometer which should be in the spot where you spun the device. I like to leave my hygrometer in that spot for a few hours before I start spinning and recording. I know, I know, it's sort of bizarre, but I was turned onto this by a guy who knows a lot about humidity/gauges and I think it works great.

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