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The Lab Burner

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The Lab Burner

When I was a young, foolish 18 years old, I went hitch hiking out west searching for adventure. Could have used this lighter instead of Sterno jelly for cooking my beans. This is more of a novelty, but functional too. The manufacturer has numerous warnings not to touch the body when the lighter is working due to the metal getting hot. They have pics of boiled spaghetti and Crème Brulee on the box so I guess you could use it as a little stove if there is nuclear attack of some sort and you have nothing else to use. The way it works is that you turn the red gas control knob counter clockwise till you hear a hissing gas sound. Then, press the piezo designed ignition switch, ignite the gas and out comes the Bunsen burner, chemistry-lab styled flame. Comes with a pot stand (you assemble) if you want to cook up some cheap noodle soup.

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