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Eagle Scissor Clipper

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Eagle Scissor Clipper

Ya know, I'm a kooky sucka. A buddy and I would sometimes call each other and the first thing we'd say in a hushed tone: "The Eagle has landed." We used it as a code between us for all kinds of nefarious stuff. No, nothing majorly evil. Still it's sort of...PSYCHO man. So what does this have to do with these clippers? Absolutely nothing, but it just came to mind. OK, what about this Eagle-the clipper. It's cute and small (2-3/4" long) and functions like a combination of scissor and guillotine. It has a shiny finish and an appealing look to it. I would only recommend this clipper for smaller cigars in the 42 on down ring gauge. You can do bigger sizes, but the cuts are less clean as the gauge of cigar increases past 42. Comes with a handy little black leather carrying sheath to carry it about. I'm really happy that I offer this clipper because it's a nice package. 

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