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Padded Scissors

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Padded Scissors

When I saw these scizzors, I flipped! If it's one thing that I don't dig about most (except mine:) scissor clippers is that they are (1) either really big and look like they are gonna snip someone's appendix or (2) they have these big finger holds which seem clumsy to handle and (3) sterile metallic look. Enter the Dragon. These quality made scissors from Japan are made from shiny stainless steel. Also, the finger holds are lined with rubber and provide you a comfortable grip against your skin allowing you to easily snip your cigar. The black rubber enhances the appearance of these clippers and makes them look like they mean business. Finally, the scissors are only 4.25 in. long so they fit easier in tight spots. I've managed to cut a 54 gauge cigar with em, but if you looking for a clean cut, I'd use it with cigars no bigger than 48 gauge.

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