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Permanent Match

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Water Bottle

Permanent Match

If you're really into neat gizmos, this is one of them. The way this fella works is that you pour several drops-NOT ALOT-of lighter fluid (ex. Ronsonal Lighter Fluid) into the little hole in the housing-the part with the golf dude. Also, I impregnated - SLIGHTLY - the little wick attached to the golf ball flame applicator-pictured above. Then, you GENTLY strike the side of the case with the tip of the flame applicator against a striking stone. A spark is generated to light the applicator and then...there was fire! That's it, but just pay attention to the directions I have listed. Once you get it right, it's a no brainer. There's a clip attachment so you can carry it conveniently. Also, the golf dude drivin' that ball along with the ornamental golf ball on the top of the flame applicator really gives this an attractive appearance. So, if you are seekin' something inexpensive, yet attractive and functional, this is it!

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