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Cigar Perfect Hygro w/Frame

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Cigar Perfect Hygrometer w/Frame

The hygrometer has a nice mahogany frame. It has a metal analog dial in the center. It attaches via two strips of glue. Be aware dudes, the glue holds so make sure you know where you want place it or don't expose most of the adhesive backing to the contact surface so you can still pull the gauge off if you so desire. OK, the details are as follows....

Color: Gold metal dial, black & blue print, red dial, mahogany frame.
Size with frame: 3.0 in. square frame by 0.55 in. height. Dial is 1.68 in. diameter.
Method of Attachment: Attaches by adhesive backing.
Humidity Measuring Range: 50% to 90%.
Humidity Accuracy: +/- 2% depending on temperature.
Other Features: Adjustable dial.


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