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Zipidor 10 Travel Humidor

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Credo Onyx Precision 70 Humdifie

Zipidor 10 Travel Humidor

Ahoy Mate's, the Zipidor has arrived! This is a super functional and appealing travel case. The exterior is made of durable black leather and features a safety wrist strap. Inside, the unit is fully lined with solid Spanish cedar. A Credo Rondo unit provides humidity to your stogies to prevent them from drying out. The humidor is opened and closed by using the zipper that winds around 3 sides of the case, hence the name Zipidor. Another neat thing that really stands out is the inner insulation that holds the cigars in place to prevent them from flopping around while traveling. The cigar capacity is about 10-12 cigars depending upon ring size. It's a really nice sized case without being too big and yet holds enough stogies to keep you happily puffing while you're on the road.

The Specs:
Exterior: Black split leather with wrist strap.
Method of Closure: Zipper which wraps around three sides.
Interior: Spanish Cedar.
Humidification Unit: Credo Rondo in black.
Cigar Capacity: Varies to size of cigar, 10-12 stogies.
Exterior Dimensions: Length 10 7/8" x Width 8 1/2" x Depth 2 1/4"
Interior Dimensions:
 Length 8.5" x Width 6 5/8" x Depth 7/8"
Extra Features: Includes interior foam insert.

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