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Cohiba Java Mug

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Cohiba Mug

Ever had a real, Cuban Cohiba? I'm talkin' the real stuff and no phony baloney like the ripoff artist tobacconist that once got me. To this tobacconist I say, "Chingate tu madre, cabron!" The Cuban Cohiba is like a cornucopia of full bodied and robust smoke. It's deep and mighty good. Well, this mug celebrates that famous cigar. It's shiny black and features the colorful Cohiba logo which is bright enough to spread good cheer to you. Sort of like a warm and yellow sun at South Beach, Miami with nice tan chicks laying in the sun with their tops off and their pert nipples standing proud 'n true like the Union Jack. Anyway, it's an excellent mug for any cigar connoisseur!

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